As time goes by

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that Anderson’s has always been a kilt shop. You’d even be forgiven for thinking we’ve always been in Dumfries. Until fairly recently this wasn’t the case at all.

When the business began in 1854 by William Dalgleish, we were a general merchant and drapers based in Eaglesfield. When William died his nephew, Jonathan Anderson took over the business. This was the era when merchants travelled to their customers by horse & cart, then later the motor car to visit their customers. To an extent this is once again happening, with the rise in internet shopping and having all your purchases delivered straight to your door.

After WWII, brothers Archie and Sandy Anderson (4th generation) had to hit the road again to build the business back up. In Eaglesfield alone at this time there were four drapers! Totally unimaginable now, even in a town the size of Dumfries! During the 50s and 60s, more cars on the road meant less need for travelling trade vans. A shop was opened in the late 60s before we moved to Dumfries in 1970.  We were based near the midsteeple until moving to our current shop in 1980. At this time we sold menswear with a little highland wear section, with only a few tartans available to hire, unlike the selection available now! In 1999 the decision was made to specialise solely in kilts and highland wear as this was a growing trade, both to hire and to buy. Now we can make anything, from tartan suits and waistcoats, to ladies skirts and sports jackets.

So what’s next? Will we make a return to travelling directly to our customers? Hopefully minus the horse & cart! Will we return to menswear? Will tartan suits become the next big thing? Who knows, but on thing is for sure: Andersons will change and adapt to keep up and follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us!