How to get dressed…..properly

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This may sound like the most stupid and obvious blog post ever, but it’s so important that you get it right and far too easy to get wrong.

How many weddings have you been to where the outfit should look spot on (especially if its the groom) but it just misses the mark?

The kilts being worn too low?

The socks too high?

The shirt tails peeking out below the bottom of a Prince Charlie jacket? Not good. So we’re going to give you a step by step guide to getting it right. And if you’re still not sure then just ask, we’re happy to offer advice and make sure you look the best you possibly can!

First Things First

So, first things first. Before even thinking about putting the kilt on we need to put on the basics; underwear, shirt, socks, flashes, sgian dubh and brogues. Make sure the top of the socks are about 2 inches below the kneecap-we need to see those knees!

The Kilt

Now we can move on to the kilt. The kilt should sit around the small of the waist, just below the ribs with the pleats to the back and the plain panel to the front. Your kilt will have a centre line (usually the most prominent line) which needs to be in the centre of your body, usually in line with the belly button. You should then kneel down and make sure that the bottom of the kilt is roughly one to one and a half inches off the ground. Its a common misconception that the kilt should skim the floor.

The Belt

If wearing a belt (only if a waistcoat is not being worn) then fit it through the two belt loops at the back and fasten.

The sporran should also be fitted through the same loops. The sporran shouldn’t sit too low down on the body, but roughly in the V of the bottom of the waistcoat. If no waistcoat is being worn then about two inches below the belt buckle.


Finally, you want to add your neckwear, be it a tie, ruche or bow tie. Then just pop on the jacket and waistcoat.

Good To Go!

All that’s left to do is to add the essentials to your sporran and you’re good to go!