How to buy a kilt

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So. You’ve thought about it long and hard. You’ve talked it through with everyone you know. You’ve decided to take the plunge. You’re going to buy a kilt!

But where do you start? Well, you pop down to Anderson Kilts and let us guide you through the process! Buying a kilt should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, as (hopefully) you will have the kilt for a lifetime (with a few alterations here and there).

The first step is to decide what tartan you want to go for. There are literally thousands of tartans available now, so it can be helpful if you come in with some idea of what you would like, be it colour, clan, district, etc. Most people with start with their clan tartan which follows the female line and if they don’t like their family tartan will look elsewhere. If you’re really not sure, that’s fine too. We have lots of tartan sample books for you to look through and see what takes your fancy. Its also worth noting that new tartans are being registered all the time so just because you can’t see it in the sample books doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; we can browse the tartan register online too. However, some of the new tartans being registered are restricted to private use, so just because it exists doesn’t always mean you will be able to wear it.

Once you have selected your tartan its time to take some measurements. These, obviously, have to be accurate when making a made to measure garment. Firstly we take measurements over your clothing. You will be asked to take off any bulky jackets or jumpers and to empty your pockets. We then take a waist, seat and length measurement. Next, you will try on a kilt similar to the sizes you have measured. This allows us to see how the kilt fits on your waist, whether its too big in the seat and most importantly the length. Nothing looks worse than a kilt which is too long or short! Once we have seen the kilt on we can adjust our measurements accordingly. Sometimes we will ask a colleague to double check the measurements just to rule out any discrepancies.

And there you have it! Now all that’s left to do is get the kilt made, try it, wear it, love it!