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Mens Kilt Hire – Anderson Kilts

We have 9 tartans available to hire which can be worn with any of the seven available jacket styles. All of our mens kilt hire packages include the following items;

Kilt & Kiltpin
Jacket & Waistcoat (except for frontier & jacobite outfit)
Semi dress sporran & chainstrap (dress sporran for Prince Charlie outfit)
Ghillie Brogues
Kilt Socks (to keep)
Sock Flashes
Sgian dubh
Tie/cravat/bow tie
Extras and upgrades include-

Dress shirts to buy – £15 (black/white) and £20 (grey/blue) & x/long black/white

Toning dress sporrans- £10

Tartan ties- £5

Brown leather sporran & matching brogues – £10

Toning buttonhole – £15 (to buy only)

Individual items can be hired upon request.

For further information please contact us by email or phone the shop.

To submit measures please visit our self measure form .