Slowing down the fashion world

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Slow fashion. The latest buzzword in the fashion industry.

But what does it actually mean?

Lasting The Test Of Time

Well, the main crunch of it is to design, create and ultimately sell garments which are of high quality and will last the test of time. It also encourages slower production schedules, fairer wages and lowering the impact of the carbon footprint.

This sounds all well and good but how practical is it to put into practice?

There is a growing demand for sustainable, ethical clothing. People are wanting to move away from the cheap, fast clothing produced on the high street. There will always be demand for it, as people want to create the latest trends without the price tag. But increasingly there is a need for enduring clothing that will last and last.

Just like it used to be!

Heirloom Quality

Highland wear is exactly that: a high quality product that will last a lifetime (if looked after properly and the good living doesn’t catch up with you!).

There are many WWII kilts still in existence and still in very good condition. We had one in the shop a few years ago which was in beautiful condition and was still being worn and enjoyed.

If that isn’t enduring then I don’t know what is!

Less Impact On The Environment

The majority of highland wear is made from natural materials; woollen kilts, tweed jackets, leather sporrans, woollen socks, leather brogues. This has less of an impact on the environment as less chemicals are used and less air miles are racked up.

Fast fashion is having a detrimental impact on the environment, but by selecting durable products we can reduce this impact.

The Cost Of Fast Fashion

People will often quibble over the cost of a kilt outfit. However, when you consider that it is a high quality outfit which will last many, many years then the price actually isn’t so bad.

If you were to count the cost of fast fashion over a lifetime then I’m sure it would be considerably higher. And you’d have nothing to show for it either!

So if you care about the environment, want to reduce the carbon footprint and buy more quality, ethical clothing then pop in and see us, we’ll sort you out!